Not with His Wife


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Not with His Wife剧情内容介绍

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Not with His Wife剧情内容介绍

Not with His Wife

Forensic accountant Monica Bolland tracks down white-collar criminals, but when her husband Josh, an undercover agent for the FBI, is killed, she goes undercover herself to find his murderer. She gets a bookkeeping *** with a criminal cartel but her cover is blown just as she discovers the devastating truth about her husband and the forces that brought him down.  —Reel One Enter...

发布于2016年。集众多位朱尔·斯泰特、瑞安·罗宾斯、马丁·库明斯、Leah Gibson等著名实力派明星加盟。并于2016-05-18(美国)公映的电影。


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